About Me

Hello my name is Carrie Ellen Carlisle. I'm a freelance painter and print-maker artist and art teacher who studied fine art at Utah State University. I have a background in painting, drawing and printmaking.I have a great desire to explore and push my art and the materials I use. I always look for new ways to bring color and art to my every day life. I like to break the rules in art.  I'm inspiration comes from art history, images of saints, patterns in fabric or in nature and fashion and so much more.

I have always had the desire to be an artist since I was a very young girl at the age of 10. As a child I was surrounded by other artist in the family. My mother, brother, aunt, cousins, grandmother and grandfather. You could say that art is in my blood and DNA. I grew up in a loving, encouraging, art and family environment. 

 Growing up, I developed my skills from learning all I could from the artist around me and the numerous drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramic and other art classes that I have added to my never ending thirst for this creative knowledge. As an adolescent, I participated in various art shows selling my work at craft fairs. After High school I moved to Oklahoma for sometime to take some photography classes then happily moved back to grow more as an artist at USU. After a long time attending and taking as many classes as I could I graduated in 2012. During my years in college I started teaching art to teen girls and have loved every minute of it. I have grown as an artist and I have learned different techniques and styles from teaching.

Today I am married to an amazing man. I work on a variety of projects to make ends meet from painting walls to selling my art in cafes, to teaching art. I soak up any and every new inspiration that comes my way to help me grow as an artist.  


Anonymous said...

My name is Sue, I love your work at the Crepery! Do u do custom paintings? I have two dogs I'd love painted.
My email is. sue.osborne.irons@gmail.com. 801891-1682
Thank you Sue

Anonymous said...

Just purchased one of your paintings at the Crepery for $135. Really enjoy your work. You check out some of my work at www.bell-book-candle.com
Walt Hecht