Friday, September 18, 2015

Record Book Binding With: The Cinch

Book binding is a a fun way to make your own sketchbooks and more.
I just got The Cinch and so far I am loving it!!
so easy to use!  

Cut your paper to the size that you want.
I used some of my paper for bubble art. To see how to make bubble art click Here!

Test it out with scrap paper first then use your nice paper 

Then start punching your holes, The Cinch has guide lines to help you out.

Place paper on the metal binders.

Your front and back page are going to be the last things to put on.  
Then after you are going to press and bind together. 

Fun ideas for the front and back pagers are records! 
The sleeve and the record itself.  

You can find old records almost at any thrift store for cheep. 

Now what you want to do to cut them is use a blade to make cut lines in the record then you snap it off. It's to thick to cut all the way throw but it should snap off easy if you have a good cut line.

All sides

Now making the holes I took a paper that I punch already and measured where the holes are going to be.

And enjoy the book making life!


carol said...

Now I'm going to need a cinch for sure! I have always wanted one but didn't know if they would cut through old book covers, which is what I wanted to do-never thought of just drilling the cover separately. I do kind of like the square holed one though. Do you think a cinch would cut through an old Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew type book cover?

Carrie Ellen Art Studio said...

Carol, You should try it! It's so fun to have! I am not sure how thick it will cut. but it's pretty hardy.