Monday, September 7, 2015

Marbling Paper: Easy For Kids

I love showing people how to do this!! 
It's great for kids, teens, in the classroom and so much more! 
It's a great way to get different textures for your paper for art journals. 
Ok let's get started!!!

What you will need.  

What you will do first is take your shaving cream and spread it out on a flat surface as big as your paper. You don't need a lot on it.

Then you will want to flatten the shaving cream I just use a small piece of card stock paper.

With your watercolors start painting away on the shaving cream

Yep you heard me paint the shaving cream don't push down to hard you want to have the paint on the top on the shaving cream.

Cover as much as you can with what ever colors you want

When you are all done putting done all the colors that you want to. Use the end of your paint brush and start swirling the paint and shaving cream around!

You may not what to do it to much or the colors may get lost in the shaving cream.
But it takes a lot of swirling to do that.

Place your paper on top of the shaving cream.

And press down on the paper lightly 
you don't have to leave it on there to long I used watercolor paper and I leave it on there about 30 seconds. Now if it is lighter paper it's shorter time.

Then pill it off.

It will have shaving cream all over the paper just use a small card stock paper to scrape it off.

And enjoy!! 

And try different colors like black, cool colors or warm colors to get a fun look!  

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