Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Tour Of Utah

This morning I wanted to walk down the street to watch the tour of Utah (a bike race) in the heavy rain. As I was walking down I past an old yellow brick school. In this old school had big glass windows I'm guessing was the old gym, now happened to have lots of sweet ribbon toad ballerinas with high buns in there hair and flowy black dresses. 
As I walked on by I could hear the classical music dancing throw the rain. I could see the younger girls dancing in the front of the room I could hear there feet bouncing to the beat of the music. As the older ones in the back standing by the back door watching the rain pore down, and only once in a while jumping up in the air practicing there steps. Or looking like there paying attention so they don't get called out by there teacher. The young ballerinas watched me walk by to the tour of Utah. 
Watching them watching me.
I have to say that this morning has been a lovely one!

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