Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Simple Stained Glass

Stained glass can be fun to work on! 
If you are like me and just want to play around with it here are some good things to know and  you can do.
First I don't cut my glass I find already cut small pieces at any craft store and sometime you can find it at a $1 store.

Also what you will need is....

Copper foil tape. 60/40 Solder or 50/50 Solder is what I used.
Flux for the copper (makes the solder stay on) Safety glasses and a Soldering Iron. 
You can get at places like Hobby Lobby, Low's or Home Dept.  

Once you have your glass together tape every piece. 

With your solider tack down your glass together to make sure they stay together.

Then after they are all tacked down start soldering everything down.
front and back. 

After you solder everything make sure it cools down and clean with warm water and a soft rag. 
then hang up and enjoy! 

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