Friday, August 28, 2015

Drawing Lesson

In my class today we are doing a drawing exercise. 
First knowing what art pencils are...
9B is a very dark pencil and it gets lighter from there.
a #2 HB is the pencil most people use everyday.

This are smudge tools to help do some shading.

Ok so here is the drawing exercise. what you will need is a photo of a face but just half of it! 
(it can be your face or of someone else) 
Tape down the photo to a bigger drawing paper.

And here is the have to draw it upside down! 
your bran will be working very hard, it will be hard to do.
Drawing upside down helps you look at the lines that are really there and not just draw what you think is there. sometimes is turns out crazy looking but this will help you see what is really there. 
Good luck!!

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