Thursday, July 16, 2015

Batik Your Shoes!

Batik is a fun way to make fun fabrics but in this post I'm going to show you how to batik your shoes!!

First you are going to buy some 

* white shoes

 You can get them at stores like Hobby Lobby or Walmart.
Then you will need

*Elmer's Glue WASHABLE!!!
It's very Very important that it is washable. You can also get the gel washable kind.
* Acrylic Paint or Fabric Paint 
Any color you want 

And you don't have to but If you like finer lines 
* Thin Line Squeeze bottles
Found in any craft store. 

Fill up your small squeeze bottle if you like finer lines. If not just use the Elmer's Bottle it will be just fine.

Be very careful if your using the smaller bottles and don't  squeeze to hard or glue and top and come out all at once.   

Then start making you'er Amazing doodles.

Let glue dry all the way! 
You can leave them over night or take a blow dryer to them.  

Now that your glue is all dry next is painting, with your paints you want to water it down some. If it's to thick it can be a big problem later. I like to have it more like a watercolor so when I put my paint down it watery and spreads out quickly.

After painting make sure that your paint is dry! you can leave them over night or again take a blow dryer to them. Then with a cleaning brush and hot water you want to wash of the glue. 

Then let dry and you have AMAZING SHOES!! 
Have Fun!!

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