Friday, May 29, 2015

Screen Printing Project

This is a fun way to do screen printmaking. 
What you will need! 

1. Mod Podge or Elmer's glue...I used both and I liked the glue better
2. Very fine mesh or tulle supper small holes in it
3. embroidery hoops. I had a few on hand for different designs
4. Fabric screen paint you can find at your craft store
5. Blowdryer 
6. Fabric
7. Some hard plastic from a milk carton of juice bottle
8. Small paintbrush and pin

What you will want to do is place your netting tulle fabric in the embroidery hoop, make sure its nice and snug. Then draw on you image on to the netting tulle fabric. 
What you will do next is paint the glue on the netting tulle fabric. Now make sure you don't paint on your image...DON'T PAINT IN YOU IMAGE! That is where your paint goes throughs to make your image! Now you can let in dry over night but I took a blow dryer toit. Took like 10min to dry all the way. Make sure the glue is dry all you way! It will not come out if it is still wet.

Now you are going to test it out with little fabric you have around. 
Place the hoop face down so the tulle and the fabric are touching. Place some paint in the hoop and with your plastic cut out you will scrap the paint across the back of the hoop.

Then lift up and you will have your image!
You can repeat it over and over again.

Have Fun!!

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