Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Making Wrapping Paper

Making your own wrapping paper can be fun and simple! 
What I did was go to my local craft store and picked out.... 
1. One thick foam sheet to use at the bass (the white foam seen in photo)
2. One stick on foam sheet to use to make my shapes (pink foam seen in photo)
3. Paint of you choice I used a craft white paint
4. Roller or brush to put paint on stamp
5. A roll of paper...I like brown but they will have white as well.

Using your sheet of stick on foam sheet and draw your shapes and cut them out. I just wanted something simple so I went with bubble shapes.
Stick your shapes on the thicker foam. After you have it how you like use your rolls or paintbrush to apply the paint to your stamp. 

Then press it down on your roll of paper.

Now you have amazing rapping paper!!

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