Friday, October 3, 2014

Screen Printing On Ceramics

Screen printing on ceramics is a fun way to get patterns and designs on your clay. 

what you will need is:
Mod Podge
Embroidery hoop
Fine Fabric Mesh
Paint Bruch
White Clay
Red Clay for a Under Glaze 

Put your fabric mesh in the embroidery hoop. Draw your designs on the mesh then where you don't want the color to show paint it with the Mod Podge. Let it dry all the way.  

Red Clay for under glaze you need to make it in to a nice slip.

Roll out your clay into a big slab. 
Then place your embroidery hoop face down on the clay. 
Get your red slip and paint the back on the mesh. don't use to much.  

Repeat the pattern

Let the clay sit for a short time so the red under glaze has a chance to somewhat dry.


Unknown said...

What kind of "fabric mesh"?

Anonymous said...

Can you use dyes to dye the white clay and make a slip out of that to do this process? I like the concept.

sonia said...


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