Monday, September 29, 2014

Screen Printmaking for Kids! And for You!

This is the old fashion way of doing screen printmaking. This way is great for kid and for you.

first what you will need Mod Podge 
I sometimes mix in a little glue in there. but you don't have to. 
Embroidery hoops
Very fine mesh
Plain fabric
Screen printing fabric paint or fabric paint or a fabric puff paint. 
( I used for this screen printing fabric paint)

You will want to draw you image on your mesh with a permanent marker. You can put your image under the mesh so you can trace the image to make it easier for you. Them what you will do is paint on the Mod Podge to the places that you do not want color. Once again where you DO NOT want color. 
The places where you leave unpainted your ink will go through and make you image.

Let the mod podge dry all the way. To help it I used my dryer to move it along. but you can also leave it over night if you want to.

Once it is all dry you are going to put your hoop down on your fabric face down. you will put your fabric paint in the hoop. I used just a plastic piece that i found in the garbage to use as my scraper. You are going to scrap the ink over your image then scrap it off.

You can repeat this over and over again. 
There or all going to have a little different look to them. Do worry if they are not all clean and  perfect.
They won't be!
 But that's why I love it so much! 

Have fun printing!!! 

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