Friday, September 19, 2014

Good Reads

Now once in awhile I love to go to my local library and comb though all of the art books and see what is a good book to jump start new ideas. These books are some that I would like to share with you. 
Push Print
I bought this book just last week. This book has different printers from today. I love books like this because it shows me what is going on in the world of printmaking today! 

Next book (I also bought) 
Push Stitchery
This book is all about the art form of sewing and stitchery. I love how it shows that sewing and stitchery can be a higher art, beautiful art work in it. 

Sew Wild
This book is also about sewing. A good book to have in your home. It's more of how you can sew in a unique and different way. The artist Alisa Burke shows you how to create new ways to think of sewing.  

For those book lovers
Adventures in bookbinding
This book I got at the library I don't do bookbinding very often, but I love to try new things and this is a fun way to make a new sketchbook!  

another good book for bookbinding
This book also can be found in your library. This book really shows how you can recycle things back into usable books. 

For the pottery lovers
Pinch Pottery
I love Love this book! Some of us don't have wheels to work on or you are teaching a class on pottery and you need ideas for hand building pottery. This is your book. It's been a great tool to use for my ceramic classes. 

This book is for the all around ceramics.
The Ceramics Bible
I found this book very helpful in my own work with ceramics. It talks about raw materials, step by step in different technique in pottery, introduction to throwing, glazing and firings, what ever you wanted to know and more!  

This last book 
 Home 25 amazing projects for your home
Is a fun book for the days you want to have a fun project to do with your kids or by yourself. It reminded me of all the art projects I did as a kid and re-defining them. 

I suggest this weekend to go down to your local library thumb through all of the art and craft books and see what you can find! 
Happy Hunting! 

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Noonie BSOM said...

Such a great idea for a resource! You inspired me to go check out my local library! :)

<3 Noonie @ BSOM