Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bead Making

Making paper beads, My girls have been working on this in the class room. very fun to make! I like having them around so if I have an art project that just needs a little something more, these are grate to have in hand!  What you will need:  

~Something to wrap the bead around toothpick will work or a meat stick,
(remember the bigger the stick the bigger the hole of your bead.)
~ Scissors
~ Old Paper
(magazines, craft paper so on)

Here are some patterns of diffident shape of beads   
The longer the paper the thicker the bead.

You are going to wrap your paper around your wood then put glue up and down the paper. then roll it up. 
Then when some what dry, slide the bead off the wood. 
You will need to make more then one,
after the first few beads you will get the hang of it.

If your looking to make a big paper bead what you will need to do is get a ruler and a bigger piece of paper.
draw strait lines each getting smaller and smaller. 

Starting with the biggest strip of paper making the bead and keep adding each one to the bead. big to small. 

The more paper the bigger it can get. 

Have fun!

A clock I made my dad for Christmas! 

And a painting I'm working on for my aunt. 

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