Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am who I am

Wow it's been a crazy week, and now my summer is starting! woot woot! 
I'm planning on doing lots of art this year, and I know it will be hard. Sometimes I get in lows and I just have to keep moving forward, I even get down on my self, thinking that I'm not good enough, or feeling that I'm not a good artist. I have to stop my self and tell my self that "I am who I am" and no one else can do it better. Cheese I know but I hope you know that you are who you are and do your best at doing just that! 
on that note...
These three saint are the three ways I see myself. The middle one is my classy side, my Jane Austen in me, then on the right is my free spirit, hippie child. Then on the right, how I see my self day to day. 
This is who I am 
I am who I am! 

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