Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tinting Paper

 So lately I have been trying to tint my paper with a more light sepia color. what I have been do is putting my nice art paper in a bath of warm water and English Breakfast tea, you can also do it in coffee and other teas. I left my paper in the water for an hour or so. You can play around on how long you want to leave your paper in there for. the longer sometimes....sometimes the darker. After I was done I hung them to dry in my bathroom shower. It took maybe 4 hours or so to dry. but I do live in a dry place here in UT. So it can be different drying time for you. Have fun!

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Judy Grupp Studio said...

Lovely paper! I had some berry tea this weekend - with a burgundy hue - I will have to tint some paper too!