Friday, July 15, 2011

Batik for kids

This is a fun and easy way for kids to do Batik. what you will need... White Cotton fabric, fabric paint or acrylic paint and Elmer's Gel washable Glue. What you will want to do is draw on the fabric with the glue, what ever you want. let dry fully over night maybe best.

after the glue drys, paint on top of the dry glue. let paint dry.

after the paint drys put the painted fabric in the wash on hot. the washable glue will wash away, if needed softly scrub the glue off.

and enjoy fun and colorful fabric that you can use for anything!!!

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Katherine said...

Oh, my! I love this, Carrie! So very cool! I can't wait to see what you do with this fabric. Cool!

Alise Murie said...

you're art and photo's are so cool <3

Healing Woman said...

This almost looks too good to be true. I will try it. I love the pattern and results of your batik plus I don't think it's just for kids!!!

Phyl said...

These are beautiful. What kind of paints (brand) are you using?

Also - we have done this also, but find the blue glue difficult to wash out. I have had a lot of success with my students using a mix of (I know this is crazy) toothpaste and Aloe Vera lotion and I've posted about it on my blog. I've also heard that hair gel works good too!

Sara Roizen said...

Beautiful idea and I love that the materials needed are so simple! I'll definitely be trying this out, and for that matter there is a washer and drying machine where I work so I could easily do this with my art therapy group as well!