Friday, May 6, 2011

Music from me....

Being an artist I hear a lot from other people. Oh I wish I could draw or paint but I'm not a artist. I'm no good at it,but I would love to do it! Here is what I have to say to that. DO IT!! :) if something makes you happy and you love doing it.. do it! you don't have to sell your stuff to do it. don't be afraid that it's no good or you're not good enough. who ever put that in your mind is wrong! you can do what ever you want and do it with flare and confidence!
About 4 years ago I really wanted to learn how to play the piano. So I sat down and started to play what I felt. I still don't know really how to read music but that didn't stop me. I have to say the first time I played it didn't sound all that great...but It made me happy. I play for me and no one else! after some time I did get better. No I'm not going to be a famous piano composers. but who cares! I play because I love it! and I hope you do something today that you want to do just because you can and want to!

Here some songs that I played. It makes me happy! you'll want to tern off the other music.

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Judy Grupp Studio said...

So - if I understand correctly - you never took lessons, you don't follow the piano rules, you can't read music - you play the piano with your heart not your head. Thanks for sharing, what an inspiration!