Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Books Books Books

Today I went down to the book store.
and what did I find!!!.......

How to make books by Esther K. Smith
In this book it shows you well...how to make books.
I like this book because it has easy and harder ways to make books.
some of the books that are made in here little kids can do it too.
can't wait to start!
(for the book How to Make Books, Artist Lindsay Stadig, Postcard Coptic Book.)
Collage Lab by Bee Shay
This book gives you good projects and tips on collageing.
simple and good tips that you can add to any art project that you are doing.
( from the book collage lab, Artist Stephanie Lee)

The Holy Bible, Places and stories from the Old and New Testament text by Gianni Guadalupi
I love old catholic art I like having a good book to look at paintings and drawings of storeys from the Testament...like the Madonna and so on.

(18th-century Bulgarian icon scenes from the life of Elijah.)

Drawing Lab By Carla Sonheim
I love this little book! It have so many ways to draw. It has good tips and fun ideas that you can use over and over! good book for any age!!

(From the book Drawing Lab, Artist Carla Sonheim)

Claude Monet text by Nina Kalitina
I love Monet....what more can I say.
(artist Monet)

The Crafter's Devotional by Barbara R. Call
this is a fun book If you are wanting to get more in to art or just want to have art in your life day to day, this is you book! On Mondays Journaling, On Tuesday Recycle, Reuse, or Revive, On Wednesday Collection, Stash, and Materials, On Thursday Personal History, On Friday Non craft Inspiration, and On Saturday and Sunday Collaborate, Gather, and Experiment.
I'm telling you a good book to get lots and lots of fun ideas, tips, techniques and tricks to use.
(from the book The Crafter's Devotional artist Karen Michel)
I love book and It will be so fun to go through each book more!
hope I have given you ideas on what books can be fun to have around!


Jenny Stevning said...

Ooooo...fun books! I have the Drawing Lab and absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your book treasures.

Girly Notes said...

love your blog so much :)
please check out mine