Sunday, January 2, 2011

Love where you are!

I know sometime we all wish we could be some where else. Some where warmer, some where prettier, some where that there's more to do, smaller town, bigger city, by the ocean, by the Mountains.....and so on. We all do it. When I go some where or watch a movie that I really like I'll think "Oh this is where I wish I could live!"
I was driving up to work yesterday, my drive to work takes me right up the mountains. As I was pulling in to the drive way, there were about 20 wild turkeys. I had to drive slow and wait till they all moved, they all shuffled over to where the horses were. I got out of my car and started setting stuff up for another firing in the barn, I saw 3 little birds flying around and singing. Time went on and I started to hear thumping. I looked around and saw 2 stray cats jumping in and out of some small boxes that I have left out. I have seen the cats out in the fields before, but never seen them up close, let alone in the same room. after about five hours, I gathered my stuff up and headed to my car to go home. It was getting darker and I could see that the lights from the city were starting to turn on. as I had my hands full of things walking to my car, I had to stop and look at the most amazing view. The Mountains were glowing and the city was lit up, the snow was a beautiful blue/purple color.
I was live it! and I didn't even know it! I was living a life that people dream of! I live in a place where things like wild turkeys, horses, and deer walk around. And it's a normal thing for me to see.
even though I'm not a hunter,farmer,cowgirl,or even much of a snow person. Here I was.... living someones dream life. It really made me stop and be very grateful for my life and where I am.
Sometimes all we think about is where we want to be.
I say to you....stop and look where you are and love it. I bet you someone wishes that they could have what you have! so don't take it for granite!
Love where you are now!!


Jenny Stevning said...

Such a beautiful post. JUST what I needed to be reminded of!!!! Thank you!!!

Christine said...

I try to do that thank you for reminding me!!!

Katherine said...

Beautifully said, Carrie! Life is beautiful!