Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm home

Today was the first day back to school for the spring semester. And If I didn't tell you, last fall semester I didn't have any art classes, so it's been a year since I've been back in the art building. This morning, I woke up and headed out to my printmaking class, I was a little nerves for some reason, and didn't know how I would feel going back after a year.
As I was walking through the halls of the art building, I could hear someones music blaring out from a distance. I could smell the faint smell of, Oil paints, paint thinner, mineral spirits,the photo lab, the ceramics clay....and so many other smells that only an artist would be emotional to. Then, in only the art building, I saw students that you could tell that they where truly artist, with their rich colorful clothes, a style like no other, big winter scarves that they probably made themselves and their out of style look that made it in style. Seeing every type of artist in the halls and class rooms, painters, print makers, potters, photographers, sculptors, actors, musicians and so many more. Walking through the halls, hearing musicians play there guitars and piano's, the smooth beat of jazz, the soft classical sound, flowing through the air, soaking up the sounds of a near by guitarists playing a tune with a Spanish flare. smelling the light scent of coffee that people have in the hand. There's nothing like the art building..
Last semester I was in some buildings where all the students looked the same, in dull colors, and more of a business feel. People in suites and ties....nothing wrong with that.....but not me! I got to my class and sat down. The teacher sitting not in a chair, but on the table. Soon familiar faces started coming in the class. Smiles, hug and laughter started to fill the room. Friends asked me where have I been? they haven't seen me in so long. It's amazing that last fall I still was going to school but it wasn't the same. Now......I'm home!


Healing Woman said...

I'm with you. It's allll about art. I wouldn't think of dressing like anyone else or driving a car like anyone else or ? Not for me and never has been..I can tell we are soooo much alike...even though we are decades apart. There is no distance in time between artists.

Christine said...

Don't you love when you find your place!