Thursday, January 27, 2011

The horse of pride

This is the first book I have to read for folklore class, I just finished it this week. not to bad, It's about peasant life, It's a real story. In class today we started the movie, and in this movie they had baskets on the ceiling to keep this in. I thought this was a cool idea so I did it too.

I also put in a new doorknob, I haven't had a doorknob for a long long time....the last one I had broke. I was stuck in my room for 2 hours, with no phone, and no one could hear me. So, I had to do what any girl would do....(no not cry) took out my Dremel and cut my doorknob off!
and here it is!!!

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Jenny Stevning said...

I am curious about that book. Boy do I love the baskets from the ceiling!!! Gonna have to remember that. Sadly, I don't own one storage basket. I do so like them more than plastic containers.