Friday, January 14, 2011

First drawings for printmaking

My first drawings for my printmaking class. so far I like it! I'm now working on printing them.
I'll post them later.


Joshua Mc. said...

these are great! you definitely have a distinct style that works really well for you which is great, but in addition to that i really like the way you manage full and empty space.

in both drawings you do a great job of filling the frame with the illusion of details without distracting from the figures. great work as always, very fun stuff

Sneha Kedar said...

wow m impressed....really great drawings...
well i was directed to your blog by,but discovered that we share common interest - drawing.
I am not as good as you but will appreciate if you have a look at my sketches on my blog

P.S- Following you, expect to see more of your creations