Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry Christmas To All!!

This is a Video that I made! It was harder then I thought but here it is!

(P.S you'll want to ture off the music I have on!)

My Christmas (Video) Card!


Healing Woman said...

Cute video! Did you make it?

Sarrah said...

awesome carrie!! you are so cute in that video! it's perfect! I can only imagin how hard it was to edit! I love you! thanks for making my christmas season merrier! xo

Amy said...

Carrie Ellen, that was so awesome! I loved it! You're so creative and i have so much fun looking at all of your projects. I especially love the ones you do of your self like this video and pictures you take. You are SO beautiful! Love you!

Katherine said...

I love this! Thanks for making this and spreading a little cheer in all our lives! It makes me happy!