Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crystal Ornaments

How to make fun crystal Ornaments

You will need:

Pipe Cleaners, String, Pencil or wooden rods, Borax,water, And large jars.

you'll want to fashion your ornaments any way you want

Tie string to the ornament, then to your wood. dropping it in your jar, You DO NOT want your ornament to touch the bottom of the jar.

now we are set up and ready for are borax and water.

For ever 1cup of water you want to add 3 Tablespoons of borax to it.

you will want to have your water boiling, so the borax can dissolves,

It's ok if there is a little powder at the bottom.

now are mix is ready slowly put the water in each jar, you want to submerge your ornament to the top.

now that your jars are full with your water borax mix, leave it overnight.

Then in the morning beautiful crystal ornament!

take out and let dry for some hours.


Borax is not to eat!


Sara Anderson said...

Wow those are beautiful! What an awesome idea!

Jenny Stevning said...

How wonderful! My daughter used this method to grow crystals for a science project years ago. I love this idea! I think she would have enjoyed it much more too, if she had known they were gonna be Christmas ornaments! :)