Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Clogs

I painted these clogs, and I found new ones. I want to paint them in a different way. But don't know what yet.....any ideas??

Christmas clogs a danish traditions, children would put there wooden clogs full with hay and put them out side on Christmas eve. Then the Nisse men would come and put candy and gifts in it.

God Jul!...(Merry Christmas!)

The new clogs


Jenny Stevning said...

I. Want. Those.
I love the way they are painted!
But then again, there is a side of me that would love to have polka dot clogs! :)

Healing Woman said...

I love those clogs. Where would a person find the authentic wooden ones? I glued all sorts of faceted jewels to my crocs to match my B-dazle car. You could try that. I love the way you painted yours though..perfect.

Joshua Mc. said...

I misread the title and wondered how you painted over the holes in your christmas crocs.

all cleared up now.