Sunday, November 14, 2010

A fall art project from a warm blanket!

It's a cloudy and cold fall day and I'm getting in the
mood for art projects that you can do in a good blanket!
So today I did Shrinky Dinks.
A childhood favorite of mine! you can get shrinky dinks from any craft store.
They come in sheet. I cut them out in smaller shapes.
and put a hole punch in each of them so
I could us them for a jewelry project later....but you can use them for so many things!!
I used colored pencils but you can also use permanent markers.
I got out my art books and traced some paintings that I liked.
I traced them on to the shrinky dinks. You can draw anything you like!!

Here are some of them..............

I per heated the oven to 325 F and placed them on to a brown paper bag. It only takes about 1to 3 min. you'll know when they are done when they go flat again.

This is how much it shrinked

Have FUN!!!!


yellow hall studio. said...

So much fun! I haven't done those in years!


Healing Woman said...

I've never seen these before. It looks like a fun project and the sky would be the limit for their use. Thanks so much for showing.