Monday, October 11, 2010

Did You Find A Post Card??

Did you find my post card???
If you did.....Yeah!!
I made about 63 post cards.
I'm on a little trip and I am leaving my art bread crumbs for you to find.
I started in UT. and going to Oklahoma for a week.
I'm leaving my post carts in books, stores, planes, bathrooms, and anywhere else I'll be!
I hope you like ......that's it just a little art love!
If you want to please tell me if you found one and where!
Here are some other post arts.


{Ali•Rae•Lindhardt} said...

Love love them Carrie you are super talented :D

Kim Henkel said...

I would LOVE to find a postcard....but you are not travelling in my neck of the woods.... It looks like fun!

Joshua Mc. said...

These are all fantastic! ....looks like later this week when I get to Stillwater I'll be on a treasure hunt