Monday, August 16, 2010

Art project you can do! Record Book

Here is a art project that you can do.

1. Get old records (ones that are no good)
also stiffer ones are the best!!
2. With a colored pencil mark out 9 can do any size you want.
3. with a blade cut the lines that you made a few times over.
4. put the record on the corner or side of a table and put a book or ruler on top to hold the record down. you are going to bend it till it snaps.
5. after you do this to all sides, drill two holes

6. sand the sides.
7. then you can put paper in like a book.......and done!


Christine said...

I love it carrie! so fun.

kelley brown said...

love this!! I had been thinking about making a journal out of records too! I have made them out of license plates!!