Monday, May 10, 2010

Art project 3

An easy and fun way to do printmaking for you and the kids!

1. What you will need:
Foam plate
Block printing ink
An ink roller
A Dull pencil
Blank paper
and two flat surfaces

I got my ink and roller from Hobby Lobby. you can get it at most art stores.

2. Cut the bottom of your plate out

3. Using your pencil, draw......know that it will be flipped so, if you have words make sure that you write them backwards.

4. On your flat surfaces put a small amount of ink in a line.

5. Using your roller, roll on the ink

6. On the second surface put your drawing print down, face up, and roll the ink onto it.

7. I like to use a smooth paper. Put your plate face down on the paper.

8. You can use big books and stand on them but I use my small block printing press.

9. After pressing, lift your plate off the paper and.....

10. enjoy!!!
(good for cards!!)

1 comment:

Liz said...

This is so the kind of art project for me! Thanks for the ideas.