Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art project for kids that you can do!!

What you will need.......water colors, Shaving cream, Blank paper(sheet of paper, blank cards, your art book whatever you like!) a skraper of some kind, and a smooth surface.

Spread you shaving cream out smooth.

Paint on the shaving cream with any colors you like.

now with you paint brush make figher 8...or whatever you like.

I'm using my art book, you can use what ever your heart wants!!

Put the paper in the colored shaving cream.

After about 30 sec. take the paper off the shaving cream.

The extra cream remove with your scraper.

Let dry.........And DONE!!! now you can wright or draw on your new colorful paper!! Have Fun!!!

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Christine said...

Carrie, Ethan and I did this it was so fun! Thanks for the post.