Monday, February 9, 2009

My Hands

I didn't REALLY know how much I use my hands as an artist! In the last 12 hours I have put my hands through ALOT!!

Cast Real Gold fish (dead ones)

Used Algenate ( A slimy green stuff) for a project using real gold fish (dead of course).

Took the dead fish out of the Algenate. note dead fishy parts don't come out easy!...and smelly!! (I smellt like fish all day!!)

Used Plaster (white stuff that drys out your hands Very Badly!) for dead gold fish mold that is made out of the Algenate.

Pick off, Scrap off, Take Off, the Algenate from plaster. happened to stab my self doing it.

Writing and drawing with a pencil (not that dangerous!)

Scraping and hollowing out the bottom of a ceramic sculpture I have been working on for a month. The clay got to hard so it took me 2 hours to do it! (I now have blisters from this.)

Put some last touches on the sculpture

Typing this for you! :)

My hands are now very dry, blistered, cut up, and sore! I put my hands through a lot!!! Who knew!

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