Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a sky

It doesn't feel like December. It's too warm here in Logan for this time of the year. I never liked the winter. It was always too cold and gray for me. But, around Christmas time snow can make a Christmas seem special. I remember one Christmas when I was younger waking up early and looking outside of my bedroom window and seeing a fresh layer of snow on the ground. The world was silent, no one was out. No Cars No people No one. I sat there at my window for a good hour before going down stairs to open gifts with my family. Even though I can't stand the cold, for Christmas it just makes everything so .....Classic,.. Complete,.. Perfect.

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coty said...

I am slobbering here carrie...i *heart* your artwork. can i post about you? i need a piece of your work hanging in my home, how much?